Wall painted in a sun-washed colors, can be covered with painted panels, wallpaper in floral or striped or have a glossy finish. Classic Color Companion – white and blue. Solar flare yellow and stains spring green, making the space warmer notes and enliven the interior. The bed should be big and impressive and understated. In any case, sets the tone for bed linen. Buy a quilted cotton, soft sheets, warm blankets, feather pillows and pillow cushions. From the windows of the surrounding landscape is perfectly visible, and if necessary, light curtains, blinds made of natural materials or painted shutters provide privacy.

Exotic Style spalniEsli you want to create a thematic bedroom, all you need – the excitement, keen eye and vivid imagination. Exotic furnishings bedrooms will help you to relax from daily cares and mentally transport ourselves in place of your dreams, for example, on a tropical island. Select a characteristic feature – a kind of bed, a special sculpture or a painting, an unusual carpet or fabric. You can take a canopy bed, stylize her with a bamboo floor, decorate the walls with a cloth ramie and install a large ceiling fan. Use natural materials – everything from cool sea tones and faded driftwood to spice spectacular colors Mediterranean and relief stones.

Arrange the accents and accessories, exotic plants, textiles, drawings of animals. Today, when products from around the world have become more affordable, create themed interior is simple, the main point here – to capture the spirit of adventure. For example, African drums, may serve as bedside tables. Beaded or decorated with beads and scarves embroidered textiles can be used to amazingly beautiful draperies, pillows and towels. Every item bought during the trip, will contribute to creating a unique room. For example, Moroccan theme expressed by the rich vibrant colors, harem decorative pillows, and numerous metal accents. Many people are famous for special skill in carving, manufacture of wooden products. Luxury style spalniIstochnikov inspiration for the design of a luxurious bedrooms are vast. On the interior could affect Italian, French, Spanish and other motives. Romantic at heart, this space of the old world – a timeless refuge from the modern lifestyle. This style should be rich, lush, soft and timeless. The walls are slightly stained, carefully polished or wallpaper with a flowery pattern. Furniture is decorated with carvings, has noble curves and unmatched detail. For registration use the royal fabrics – velvets, brocades, silks, flowing from the canopy or carelessly strewn on the floor or furniture. The bed should be similar to the throne. Sleeping suite is decorated with ornaments, tassels, braid the fine work. Accessories embody the charm of the era and include crystal vases, marble busts, valuable items and heirlooms of collectable items. The details of this expressive style, a truly personal. Wooden and metal accessories are often disjointed. The light should be fascinating: shapely bra, elegant chandeliers, and hidden from the eyes of the light sources will enrich the atmosphere. Photos in silver frames Western European painting, leather-covered books, vases with flowers speak the language of romance. Abundance – feature a luxurious bedroom.

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