It is known that the eyes – a mirror of our human soul, and if the mirror is in a beautiful setting, then it looks even better. And any man wants to look into this mirror, as long as possible and more often. FCC insists that this is the case. And to create such a rim just need to have mascara. And it is very important to know how to properly apply it. After all, the main purpose of this attribute of any female beauticians – creating expressive lashes, helps to emphasize and highlight our eyes.

It is worth noting that high quality ink has several properties. It increases our eyelashes in the volume, lengthens and curls them, separates them. And all these manipulations are simply necessary, because it is the eye of a very often the emphasis in the performance of make-up person. Therefore, to achieve the desired result, one must know how to apply mascara. But before you give yourself advice on the correct application carcasses should be pay attention to time prior to the procedure. The first thing to always remember is that the ink should be applied only to the combed and clean lashes. After all, fresh ink over "yesterday" is the guarantor of fragility Eyelash and education lumps.

For a good eyelash curler should take advantage of special forceps. Tighten the cilia should immediately before the application of mascara. And necessarily need to buy a comb for eyelashes. Better if it would be metal. It is great to sever painted lashes and helps to prevent formation of lumps.