There is a calendar of payments that is based on the experience of the Twitter user and the number of click of followers in its page. However, for users whom they sponsor messages of Twitter are a diversion. On the other hand it could be the invasion of salesmen in the sphere of Twitter considers sweepings. To fill its tray of entrance with product proposals without value will not be welcome by all in Twitter. There are users of Twitter who are concentrate in the compilation of a strong data base of followers of Twitter which they can provide products with Tweets and make money with them.

The danger for bloggers that they distribute these Tweets sponsored, is annoying it that to the followers can be to them, risking to lose them when terminating itself of its account. Joeb Moore recognizes the significance of this. If somebody in Twitter speaks very or on a product, their followers have the right that is to say if he is effective or a sponsored announcement. There is bloggers that insists on which each sponsored announcement must take some type of spreading. For the sponsoring companies also there is danger with announcements in Twitter. The message is of hope or desperation? Experts in mark recommend that the companies move slowly in the area of Twitter. To day of today, the publicity of mouth in mouth is much more valuable. For loudspeakers acute also they can be dangerous.

If they fill up of announcements nonwished, their followers even can lose. Until the friendly they can leave his lists of followers, mainly if they follow a message sponsored without SABRE that is only an pleasant touch. Some bloggers nevertheless are satisfied with the tendency because they can make a little return of the investment and gain something of money by his work carried out in the elaboration of his followers of blogs. By an effective emprendimiento Miguel Domnguez Original author and source of the article