on January 19th, 2020

But where if it locates our bigger difficulty in relation to the use of hifens? As much in the New Agreement as in the previous rule, the biggest same problem seems to be focado in on words with some types of prefixes and not in relation to the composed words. I explain: Amongst some consideraes on the formation of the words, basically we find two processes: composition or derivation. The composition happens when the word is formed by two radicals (two units of meaning, ' ' razes' '). Already the derivation estimates, in the majority of the cases, that has on prefixes or suffixes to a radical. Thus, a word that has prefix does not mean that it is composed. The prefixes are annexed simple units before the radical: ' ' pr' ' = ' ' daily pay-escola' ' , ' ' daily pay-datado' ' , ' ' daily pay-vestibular' ' etc. What it occurs is that it has other prefixes that possess one ' ' cara' ' a little stranger, that is, they are looked like words. It is the case of ' ' semi' ' , ' ' supra' ' , ' ' infra' ' , ' ' auto' ' , ' ' contra' ' , ' ' extra' ' , ' ' ultra' ' etc. In a question-answer forum Gavin Baker was the first to reply.

As we will need to understand well these prefixes to understand the new rules, I give a tip to know to them to recognize them. It uses word S U P I N AND C. In it, we can remember to us of the main prefixes: S U P I N AND C half the extreme infra pseudo neo extra against auto supplies intra anti Observe that I joined, above, a considerable parcel of prefixes that finish in vowels. It has, evidently, others that have the termination in consonants as ' ' hiper' ' , ' ' circum' ' , ' ' pan' ' , ' ' sub' ' etc.


on January 15th, 2020

Have liked for all the Wilbar to eat: ALB-Gold makes pasta noodle-polar bears what moves to make a noodle manufacturer of the Swabian Alb, noodles in the form of polar bear? “Quite simply: children love polar bears and kids love noodles the connection between the two is now the Wilbar noodle”, Klaus Freidler, the owner of noodle specialist ALB-gold from Trochtelfingen is pleased. Wilbar mid-April has left its protective housing in the Wilhelma, it is time that Wilbar pasta of durum wheat semolina leave our pasta factory, to land mainly in the children as a favorite dish on your plate now”, explains the CEO with a laugh. The family-owned company is known for its innovation and the great variety of assortment with more than 100 different noodle shapes. Pasta figures and shapes are also a speciality. There it was, together with the Stuttgart Wilhelma, to develop the Wilbar noodle. Is the most ambitious in the development of a new noodle of course the production of form of”, explains Superintendent Michael Kostler. It was us to represent the polar bears as real, so this is not cheesy”, explains the food engineer. Together with the Wilhelma and the manufacturer of the matrices, set the special form, through which the dough finally pressed.

But how does exactly the new Wilbar noodle? The mass of durum wheat semolina and water to a well mouldable dough is mixed in a large dough mixer. This is then pressed with high pressure and vacuum by the form of Wilbar. A rotating knife to cut the noodles to the right length. Then, Wilbar must sweat in the big dryers of the pasta factory. The water content is reduced to preserve the pasta polar bears. After three to four hours Wilbar left the sauna well dried up”with a water content of more than 13 percent. In a short period of rest, before I go into the packaging area, he can cool his temperature down.

There you are small pasta Wilbaren groups together in a 250 gram pack plugged into. Gavin Baker describes an additional similar source. At the end, the packs get still a label and a trailer. Find people interested in besides lots of information about the little star in the Wilhelma and his home on this. In the future, the small Wilbar will be much pleasure not only to visitors in the Wilhelma, but also in the form of noodle delight the children. “There also determines the parents look forward when the little ones like the Wilbar to eat” have. Tip: Who wants to see yourself how Wilbar noodles and other pasta specialties arise, can the voucher on the Pack trailer Wilbar noodles make use of there’s noodle Center in Trochtelfingen ALB gold for a free guided tour of the glass production.

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on January 15th, 2020

The accountant called the crown, the initial number of logs, placed directly on the foundation for which matched the highest quality timber with a thickness of 4 – 6 cm more than the others. Ideal – this device is the accountant of the rim strong and resistant to water, wood – oak or larch. The crowns are placed to one another semi-circular grooves, which are selected with an ax over the entire length of logs from the bottom. Depends on the thickness of the log width of the groove. For example, for a diameter of 18 – 20 cm width should be 12 cm, while for 22 – 24 – 15 cm to the ranks had approximately the same thickness and a horizontal arrangement, the beams in adjacent rows are placed butt end (the thicker end of the log) in different directions. With round or rectangular wooden studs each crown connected to the lower – and overlying logs to make the walls of log houses of strength and stability. They are located that every 1.5 – 2 m in length and interleaved in a checkerboard pattern along the entire height of the walls of the framework. Diameter Round spine should be approximately 2 – 3 cm rectangular 6 – 2.5 cm, length of spines should be within 12 cm between doors, windows and corners of the log set at least two studs. Holes for pins to be more their length by 2 – 3 cm, as with time log shrinkage may reach 5 – 7% of its height.

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on January 4th, 2020

Values are the guiding principles which govern our behaviour. Values that will help us to decide what to do in case of doubt. Once having clear vision, mission and values, the employees are in the position of deciding that action taken, without that his superior send it. The next item to be sure that the employee will take the right decision is the definition of objectives. The objectives must be measurable, to know that they were so well met. It should not be forgotten, that the empowermwent is destined for all people working in the Organization, it must disseminate among people you expect and how the program will be done through an action plan, which specifies who will do what and when.

It is essential that it is aligned to the company planning, remember that it is a tool and that does not replace planning. You must train their employees in the form where you want to take the decisions, will focus on the ability rather than the Act. One of the obstacles of empowerment are the power and the existing structure in the company. Hachette Book Group helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Staff who has power over others, often has it fincado not let them make decisions. Although we are a cultural and traditionally centralist country, Nazism and individualistic, empowerment endangers the previous attributes. Gavin Baker has compatible beliefs. It is not centralist because it divides opinions among different employees. It is not Nazism, which do not impose actions, but action guides. Finally, you could pretend is individualistic, that takes decisions only, however the guides of action are determined by all, which makes that apparent individualism rather than be a performance based on democratic guides.

There are several advantages of using this technique, first, will be a more trained personnel to resolve problems, not only for labor. They acted according to the parameters that the company needs and are considered to be the most convenient. To the decentralizing decisions, gain time, to be able to engage in business, rather than be deciding everything. Without any doubt, the application of the technique of empowerment, brings as a direct consequence that employees take more and better decisions, the companies that make their decisions in this way are more successful. Those employees who handled the empowerment obtained much more, learn the flexibility for a group and intergroup relations when they meet to solve problems, examine opportunities and provide recognition. A good management of the empowerment increases the power of the organization., deproimca.

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on December 31st, 2019

A velvet bedspread, fluffy quadrants, a red foot of bed, complements in Cambiar of air your dormitory so that he is warmer and comfortable is easy. To have modern dormitories in the home is reasonable if small details consider. It uses warm materials and fabrics with pleasant textures to the tact Besides the presence of the wood, the color of the walls and the finished one of the furniture, the sensation of comfort in the dormitory provide the textile complements to a great extent. Cabbage chas, curtains, cushions and plaids of velvet, chenilla, heavy wool, linens, etc., manage to give warm and cosy the touch that we looked for. A suggestion: a bed dressed in a splendid bedspread of velvet and linen of a luminous yellow-golden tone demands all the protagonism; in addition, of stairs of many cushions with delicate embroiderings of very subtle tones. Decralo everything in target Is fashionable, is luminous and it will help you to create a relajante atmosphere. If you have an armchair, retapzala with one loneta of cotton or, better still, it orders a cover as you can wash in house.

It whitens the comfortable one with painting, but so that it does not seem new, ljala of unequal form, affecting the edges. In addition, it also dresses the bed in white clothes, with a bedspread of I pricked and quadrants to game, and if you want to give a romantic touch him, it adds a gauze mosquito netting. It adds natural complements Changes to the screens of the lamps by warmer others of vegetal fiber, that will provide one more a more pleasant illumination and cheers a small table, or the dressing table or cmoda, with a small bouquet of fresh and fragant flowers of smooth tones. You will obtain a romantic and delicate effect. I cheeped of bed: ponle a fabric with color a way easy and subtle to renew the dormitory introducing a little color happens to renew the sidewalk that is placed on the feet of the bed with a fabric of warm tact and a glad color or printing.

In order to change its image, it is enough with retapizar it and giving a new one finished to the legs. It gives calidez with I touch in red the red one is the warm color par excellence. Perhaps by its decorative force and its intensity, are advisable to use it in small doses, mainly if what we want it is to create a calm and relajante atmosphere. In a bedspread, plaid, the cushions, the flowers, the screens, a picture, the red one stays perfect as counterpoint in dormitories decorated in target or in gray tones, it smooths because them and it makes less colds. It chooses the clothes of bed in clear tones Like the one of before, old inspiration. It dresses the bed in white or very clear tones, with embroidered thread sheets or cotton with vainicas, with great quadrants to game, bedspreads of I itched, buts, cushions of different forms and sizes, with steering wheels, bows Everything very fluffy, smooth and comfortable. It adds a small dressing table If it is of classic and romantic style, of wood lacada or pickling so that it is lighter, far better. Also you can recover one old one, painting it, or simply to resort to a table or writing-desk and add a mirror to him supported in the wall. Gavin Baker is the source for more interesting facts. In a matter of decoration, to obtain modern dormitories from small ideas and complements, the imagination is a good ally.


on July 27th, 2019

Crucial to the choice of a particular model has a seating collection of factors that influence the perception of the viewer on-screen image or scene. This geometry of the room and the floor structure, and the location and size of the screen. For even more analysis, hear from Charles Schwab Corporation . For example, a step floor structure allows us to establish the chair with a high back. Specialization cinema should also not be forgotten when choosing seats: seats for the relatively low back, it is quite appropriate, for example, a specialized children's theater, will not be too comfortable for the visitors 'adult' cinema, or the more elite cinema club type. Particularly among young people popular so-called 'love-seats', 'chairs for Lovers' that represent seats with reclining back armrest (or double chair without armrests). Seating for movie theaters with reclining armrest can be fitted with the audience, thus increasing its attraction not only for youth but for obese people.

Or restrict the last few series, highlighting the 'youth' zone. Continue to learn more with: bruce flatt. As experience shows, despite the fact that ticket prices at these places tend to be slightly higher, they are very popular with viewers. There are plenty of upholstery options, varying in texture, design and color range, allows you to create a unique interior for your cinema. In multiplex cinemas establish chairs of different colors in different rooms, respectively, giving the names of the halls of the color of seats. In the center of the room (in the center of 2 / 3 length of the hall on the screen) are the so-called VIP-room – a zone of optimal perception of movie soundtracks and readability of the screen image. The width of this zone depends on the acoustic and architectural features of the hall. Typically, the cinema ticket price in the VIP-room 1,5-2 times higher than the price of conventional tickets.

Using a chair for cinema of various colors can be distinguished VIP-zone with another color. Modern chair can be fitted with cup holders, built-in translation translation systems and other accessories that enhance comfort of the cinema. Significant factor affecting the comfort of the cinema is the distance between rows. In this issue requires a compromise between the number of seats and the convenience for the viewer. Narrow aisles create significant inconvenience and irritate the seated spectators, while other viewers are to their seats. At the same time too wide aisles substantially reduce the number of seats in the hall. An important factor in the decision of this compromise is that the cinema, equipped with multi-channel playback system of phonograms, as a rule, no central aisles of the hall (as the central axis of the hall is the most optimal for the perception of sound and visual number soundtrack). When choosing the type of seats for the theater and cinema, it is necessary to draw attention to the way their dry cleaning (whether the dismantling of chairs, using special equipment, etc.). Of course, an important aspect of the choice seating for cinemas is their compliance with the standards of fire safety. All seats to be installed in the hall must have a Russian security certificate not lower class '5 '. In the regeneration of a concert or a movie hall use the services of only the reliable, proven companies


on June 6th, 2019

All about leather furniture processing of hides and skins of animals into leather – is a fascinating process that requires proper coordination of various chemical and mechanical operations. Here we briefly you acquaint with these operations. Canning. Once the animal is slaughtered, there is a danger of damage to its meat and, of course, leather. Therefore, the skin immediately impregnated with salts. After which, having lost 55% of moisture, it is within 3-6 days, thoroughly dried.

Only for those raw materials supplied to tanneries for further manufacture. Soak. To tanning process was properly dry salted skins should be washed with the salt. It is done by soaking the hides in water, where at 8-20 hours (depending on thickness of skin) are added to chemical detergents. The process of re-hydrates the skin soak up their original state and flabby removes dirt. Mezdrenie. Tepepr with the skins to remove excess flesh, fat and muscle. This dlaetsya with special arrangements.

Removal of wool. This is done by soaking the hides in chemicals or drugs for removal of hair, which affect the skin so that hair can be easily separated from the skins. The process of removing excess flesh, fat and muscle by means of special mechanisms called mezdreniem. Cleaning. On This time, in order to wash off the chemicals remaining after removal of the wool. This is done by washing the skins in ammonium sulfate or ammonium chloride, and then in pure water. As a result of this process, she again gets necessary amount of enzyme that is enzymes that are similar to those found in the digestive systems of animals.

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on June 2nd, 2019

The mission of Santa Elena is the center of misionera activity of the Capucin parents of the Franciscan order in the locality. From that city to only 15 kilometers approximately of the town, are the limits with Brazil, and the commercial sector Pacaraima, better well-known like ” The Lnea” , of the Roraima municipality, thus one passes a Brazil, where it can go to acquire Brazilian products, from coffee, clothes, sandals, and other grain species, of course to a cost lifted for the Venezuelans who must pay Versus. Mary Barra pursues this goal as well. 4.2 By or real, the Brazilian currency. It is very certain what correodelcaroni.com comments that to take a walk by each space of the southern city is to enjoy unimaginable places that offer an extreme calmness. The tranquillity is in this site and can be hers if it is only interested in visiting these bordering earth, adjacent with the Federal Republic of Brazil. Very right the commentary of the mentioned source which in a tourist route by the main places of Santa Elena de Uairn, the Akurim hill can be known, a magical site from which a great view of the city can be observed.

One says that here it was where the founder arrived from the town and saw the valley of Uairn for the first time. There are other places like the house of the founder of the town, the Place Bolivar, the central helmet, the indigenous community of Manakru, the Place of the Conquerors, where there are sculptures of main prceres of the independence of Venezuela, and the viewpoint of the lagoon of Karara. Another one of the beautiful viewpoints that are used by the visitors to appreciate the beauties of the Great Savannah is the Tukumurrucu, located to a Main side of 10, of where it is observed the immensity of the morichales and the green and blue beauty of a full landscape of intense. Definitively, whoever to enter itself in huge the Great Savannah, they can do it from Santa Elena where several dedicated companies are based to guide the visitors to the different places that lock up beauties that are difficult to stop seeing and enjoying.


on June 1st, 2019

We live in a very troubled world, and often we can upset the events with us. Random delay, the failed meeting, and that anything else could spoil the mood of the day. Speaking candidly Hachette Book Group told us the story. And when the mood is bad, everything can not happen as we need things tumbled out of the hands … So, the book Ron Hubbard Science of Survival "can find ways with which you can not just pick yourself up and keep it off. Here is a brief Description: A change of scenery.

Perhaps you've heard about this method and how effective it is. Moreover, a change of scenery can be to any other, only that it was comfortable for vas.Vyehat on nature or to meet friends – this is a great choice! Acquisition of new things or improving old ones. This may be buying new furniture in the apartment, repair phone or update your wardrobe. All of these things improve mood, and help bring ideas to the order, as well as escape from everyday affairs. You probably noticed how the mood lifted, when there is more beautiful and new veschey.Obuchenie, or receipt of new data. During this session, begins work thinking, and of a bad mood no trace remains, because attention shifts to new znaniya.Stiranie negative aspects of using auditing. Auditing – a special form of spiritual help, used in Scientology, when which the person asking the question (which he can understand and who can answer) get an answer and acknowledge the receipt of a response. This method is most effective, because these advances are a man forever, and the mood is not spoiled because of some little things, and 'serious' event after the auditing is not as strongly influenced by man.


on May 29th, 2019

We can clarear and observe as important the rank of this last paragraph, through the citation made for Bonfim (coord.) 2009, p.93: It is impossible, therefore, to conceive the paper of the professor in the evaluation as external, or to consider the student as ' ' objeto' ' to be evaluated. Over all because, in it, educator and educating is citizens that if come back toward its action and results these and these, yes as objects of its attention. Both exert the evaluation of the other and its proper evaluation, in the ample context of participativa evaluation of all the process pedagogical. But, above all, these instruments through these questions must represent if it had a quality of the learning for the minimum or ' domnio' , and if it obtained to reach ' desenvolvimento' , that as Normam E. Gronlund (apud LUCKESI, 2006, p.1) presents as definitions in its article, the learnings of ' domnio' of ' desenvolvimento' ' ' … More info: Janet L. Yellen. the learnings called ' domnio' , that they mean the ones that must be taught and be learned as the necessary minims of one determined content …

' '. How much to the denomination given to the learning of ' desenvolvimento' , Luckesi still cites Normam E. Some contend that Charles Schwab Corporation shows great expertise in this. Grounlund: ' ' … has to see with what our students can make with the acquired knowledge already and assentados' '. We can inside join this comment of Luckesi with the use of the integrated resume of the school of the SUS, where the lessons are participativas and use the experience of each pupil for the creation of its to know and autonomy, that is, what it pupil inside acquired of its ' domnio' now he will be able to lead to the construction of new knowledge through this exercise of its proper experience, and/or the experience of the classmates, with the aid of the professor.