That one is the house of the Joo there. The house of the Joo already was informed: when the Manuel passed that way, was pra it to leave the road. Good friend! While he thanked the house of the Joo for the gentility, topa of face and everything with the house of the Said one. But then the house of the Said one was not knowing that the Manuel would go to pass that way? How malcriada! still tries to pass over it. Opa! Manuel of the one enormous jump: a snake.

Snake nothing, was only one liana. There it comes the house of the Nestrio (better to deviate: nobody knows the intentions of it). Dog? If the thing was black, now blackened. Manuel runs, polishes, jumps daqui behind pra acol and the dog. It bites all back of it. In house. Of this time it arrived fast. It enters for the kitchen, the door only is leaned.

All wet, Manuel takes off the clothes, enters in the bathroom, takes a bath. It is looked in the mirror. The world all is twirling. He prepares yourself to lie down, but it knows that the old one, its grandmother, keeps a cup of drips in the closet pra to take by morning when waking up. It goes there of mansinho and turns the cup. How he drips stranger! He perceives, but he swallows everything. He removes the cup of the mouth and cries out desesperadamente: already I drank in such a way in the life, but to arrive to fall teeth not yet. But Manuel: then you do not know that the old one, before if lying down, place drip in a cup and the set of teeth in the other? Then the Manuel only discovers. It goes to sleep and until if another cup forgets it.