The education of entrepreneurs, Arieu (2003), mentions that very probably the strong emphasis that receives the dissemination and development of the entrepreneurial spirit has its roots in a multiplicity of factors among which it is possible to mention: the recognition of a prominent role of small enterprises in the creation of wealth and work. The remarkable contribution of new technologies to the generation of new products and companies, with the consequent deslocacion space of an important part of economic activity. A working life characterized by cycles of salaried employment, self-employment and unemployment. The orientation of economic theories to human factors (human capital) affecting the processes of economic growth and development for example from learning processes. A need that is evident to cultivate entrepreneurs spirits is deeply modify the patterns of teaching and the organisation, this also know how to handle the initial uncertainty. One of the main questions to develop a way of thinking and acting responsible and entrepreneur is: How can I do that innovation, flexibility and creativity are operational? To understand to people or groups with entrepreneurial characteristics you have to discover some answers, first behavior derived from the entrepreneurial spirit should be analyzed. You should discard the notion that entrepreneurship is a trait that some people or organizations have in a comprehensive manner and which others are completely devoid.

It is more realistic to consider the entrepreneurial spirit in the context of a range of behavior. The Sony company recommends the empredendores take into account: 1. believe in yourself 2. It starts small, Akio Morita began in a building abandoned with $350 and from there what built today We know as Sony. 3 Choose a good name 4.

Trust your instincts, sometimes there are things that you know that you must or must not do even though there are no logical reasons. 5. Do not be afraid of making mistakes, I think that it is the most important and most difficult to accept Council, it is normal to mess up when you’re building a business, just make sure you fix the problem. fast and not to do it again. 6 Build quality products. 7. Be different, look at your competition, what differentiates you from them? 8 Creates a new market, part of Sony’s success was no competition creating products that didn’t exist before. Venezuela conclusions in these moments are generating so much talent, entrepreneurs of help him, can reactivate productive stagnation faced by the business sector and if universities intend to can provide you with help in the Guide, development of their projects in order to give way to activities that favour all.

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