In the carriages, cradles your baby, especially small, will be good night's sleep. Sales represented a number of modern strollers of this type, which can transformed into a sit-down wheelchair, which is very convenient, because children grow up very quickly. Sport and jogging strollers. These baby strollers have three wheels bike medium size, and frame is made of a lightweight, durable material. This type of wheelchair is ideal for running, jogging, or walking on uneven terrain. Almost all sports wheelchairs are equipped with brakes, as well as in and cycling. But it should be noted that this specific wheelchairs and are designed for running.

Strollers transformers. The main advantage of wheelchair-transformers, the same as that of the bed transformer, is that they can be used both for sleep and for walks, because they have a good ability to change position. These wheelchairs will serve your child from birth until the moment when he can do without it. Just this type strollers suitable for parents who love hiking on nature or a walk in the park are not paved paths. Strollers transformers more than their counterparts, they have more durable wheels, is necessary accessories such as hood, basket, adjustable pull-out tripping, etc. (Similarly see: FCC). At the same time, they do not look like simple, prams.

Buggies. These strollers were so named because it is very easy to fold like an umbrella. They can be folded with one hand. Small light and maneuverable. When you purchase a wheelchair should be noted that these strollers are designed for children from 6 months. Strollers for twins. Strollers for twins can be both buggies and tricycles walking stroller. This type of wheelchair is distinguished by its appearance, they are, as usual, ie Seat (basket) are next to each other and located trains, ie, each other. Strollers for twins also have all the necessary additional details (visors, hoods, five-point safety belts, etc.). Strollers for twins provide convenience and comfort for your children and yourself dL. At the end of this publication is to draw your attention for such a thing as a car seat-sitter. She is on the right is not replaceable part for a more comfortable state of your child in a moment of rest or meal. Comfort for baby and easy to transport, produce this children's chair from the set of his like analogues.