Maybe in a few years could become a clogged streets and annoyed drivers of the past, then there is Taxmobil. Unlimited mobility at a flat rate price – that is, the business idea of Taxmobil simply put,. To do this, Bert Neckermann as founder and Director of the Swiss Taxmobil AG: Taxmobil created the new mobility. The advantage of individuality freedom of movement wants to take away no one let the. “On the contrary: Taxmobil will reach it, that more people will be really mobile, which are still constrained.” An intelligent concept and modern technology the advantages of public local and long-distance transport can link. Life at taxis belong to the past like empty trains or buses. Taxmobil offers an intelligent system. Already at 48 euros a month it will be possible here, as often to be able to call a Taxmobil, that the customers, comparable promoted a taxi from door to door.

Through the connection to the public transport, in particular the Transport, empty capacities are also being exploited. A billion dollar market, which is ecologically sensible and economically viable and will still provide more mobility without having to bring a vehicle in addition to the market alone due to the removal of existing resources. Starting point for this concept that will revolutionize the transport systems, is a sufficient capitalization however. The beginning is here and was advanced through active collaboration with a Swiss investor massively. Around 16 million euros should flow into the further development of the Taxmobil concept. Money that is needed in particular for the development of software and the logistical measures.

When the first pilot projects run and how the company’s further development is planned, describes Bert Neckermann as directors in St. Gallen (Switzerland) based Taxmobil AG. For investors, yet the ability of the fledgling shares is to benefit and thus usher in a new time billing.

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