How to choose a rocking chair for nursing? Now the market is literally littered with different rocking chair. U.S. Mint recognizes the significance of this. They are made from wicker, rattan, wood and metal. Produce them as Ukrainian producers, as well as China, Indonesia, etc. As the saying goes choice, more than enough. But when choosing a rocking chair for feeding should be taken more reverently, as the rocking chair should be comfortable at first, and foremost a nurse. And so while feeding the main burden is on the back nurse. Because it is desirable to back was as much as possible convenient, high, preferably anatomically, because such repeats back bends and back pressure on the back muscles is reduced. In addition, attention should be attention and arm of the chair, they should be as broadly as possible so that you can be put on them elbows, supporting your baby. Seats should be moderately hard, do not, what would it be very soft or hard, because no one is not another option does not give a sense of comfort in a chair. About rocking chairs all in this property are practically identical. The main and perhaps the most important argument is that the nurse should be in the chair as comfortable and cozy, because the child feels the mother's condition.