on January 30th, 2017

History Text Moorish aljamiado Boabdil In 1491, the last king Nazari, capitulated to Ferdinand and Isabella and negotiated the surrender of Granada on 25 November. Among other things he remembers: “That the Moors may maintain their religion and their properties. That the Moors will be judged by the judges under their law, which will not […]

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on January 29th, 2017

chairs day care chair Claman funeral justice Artemio Camacho 22:31:01 29-08-2009 Drafting folding chair / quadratino Pinotepa Nacional, Oax. August 29, folding chairs 2009 (quadratino) .- Artemio Camacho Norberto Sarabia, killed during a clash school equipment between teachers of sections 22 and 59 on Friday, was buried this Saturday in dining chairs the midst of […]

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