In small bathrooms, it is necessary to thoroughly study the distribution to be able to take advantage of the most of the limited space available. One of the first things that needs to be raised is how we’re going to equip the bathroom, we want to include a shower or a tub? with toilet and bidet? is there enough space for a wardrobe? Everything will obviously depend on the space with which we have and probably needs to give up some element as a bidet or install a shower instead of a tub. A very modern appeal and that it also serves to optimize the space in small bathrooms is installed suspended elements, either the toilet or the Cabinet. This solution serves to make space look not so recharged with elements installed from the base of the soil. In addition, allows unites best cleaning under furniture. As we explained in a previous note, suspended toilets need to have in-wall tank. A detail to add the illusion of more space is to install a large mirror, as well as also opt for colors of tonality clear, and thus for the walls we can use a coating of small parts, whether tiles, marble or stones.

Having a space to store towels, cleaning utensils, etc. can be obtained by installing a cabinet under the sink. Another option is to install a Cabinet above the toilet. Not only exploited space will be maximum but it is a very practical and modern solution for having organized bathroom.