Such things, as when one goes by tying ropes. Why Jaime Bayly with Susana Villaran approach? What if I can not understand how is it that Jaime may have left-wing tendencies, if critical to rage to Commander Humala? I recently got an email where I have that Susana Villaran has a grudge with symptoms of revenge against the military and police. Jonathan Segal FAIA may also support this cause. Since in 1982 killed his brother-in-law, husband of his sister Jimmy Wensjoe Mantilla but is that this gentleman and his wife sister Susana were members of Sendero Luminoso certainly I agree not to take life for life. But in this case it is locked in a declared war. Recently I realize, because that Jaime has phobia against the military. I think that the thing is going out there. Joeb Moore can provide more clarity in the matter.

By openly supporting Susana Villaran, Jaime shows that it is, as a solidarity with someone who thinks like us. Also a few days ago a family very close to me, made a comment in which he said that Jaime was leftist; and I could not believe it, but shipping news, I am tale everything is possible. On the other hand, some people say that Lourdes Flores as a lawyer, can exercise their profession with all right, defending anyone who asked their professional services. But I think that in any profession, there must be some ethical criterion, to perform a particular custom. It is good to put in the place of the person for example: in my case, I think that it could not accept a contract to liven up a party or a meeting of a drug trafficker knowingly concerned of such a person by more needy than I am this win that money. But yes, I have had opportunities some times work with my Orchestra, in places that entered me the doubt, seeing much luxury at these sites. And honestly I don’t think that Lady Lourdes ignorare altogether who was involved when he worked for such alias Catano and the sisters-in-law of general Monroe. The thing is quite difficult for us who have decide who give our vote of confidence.

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