Painting of the wall in a color that works with two rooms. For example, the color use chocolate, if its dining room is of color red chocolate and, and its living room is brown chocolate and the water. To use two different tones that they are complemented to each other, or to paint a section of screen bottoms and the other. Click Joeb Moore & Partners LLC for additional related pages. It uses decorativas moldings to separate the two areas. For example, the part of dining room of the wall can presume of a color bottom cream with flowers of blue color mallow and the light, whereas the part of living room of the wall is guinea fowl in the same tone of blue color clearly. They hang mirrors in spaces both. It uses different sizes, forms or marks of distinction, like a rectangular mirror formal with an recorded floral edge in the glass in the dining room, and a series of round mirrors playful in the living room. Works of art or frame of photos of the family to spend the short while in both sides of the walls.

It uses illustrations with at least a color common or a similar subject or style, as for example an image of a vineyard with a gold frame in the dining room and an image of hills in gold frame to game in the living room. On the other hand, it hangs and black of photos in target of the family in the living room with black frame, and a mirror with the same black picture in the dining room. To hang the fabric panels to decorate dormitories. For example, to paint all the red terra-cotta wall, soon to hang the fabric with a ray printing with I am called on of red in the section of living room of the wall. On the other hand, they hang two different impressions in the walls with complementary colors, but different landlords. To personalize the walls with you apply of floating wall, shelves celebration chucheras, or stickers with images or words that are applied to both spaces to decorate dining rooms. For example, the dining room could have Bon Appetit, whereas the hall has words Live, Laugh, Love or what they are source of inspiration for you and its family. It uses furniture to decorate baths to separate spaces both if it wishes two separated rooms. For example, to place a bookcase in center back-to-back with a cage of the space like splitter. It uses a bookcase abierta if you want a separated space, but it does not want to block the light or to alienate the two rooms of the other.