New Tourism Portal is dedicated to the most popular travel Federal State of the German no later than 2010 it is time personally to make an image of this wayward country and its inhabitants for hawks in Bavaria: Bavaria has to offer that much more. How much, finds out you now competent, compact and comfortable under Bavaria (a service of BDP GmbH, Managing Director M. Karpenko). Visually appealing and clearly divided receives his visitors: samples of descriptive and informative Chapter stand in the center of the page and invite you to read out and scrolling. Quickly you can discover: alone the diversity of regions Bavarian Swabia, Central, lower and Upper Franconia, Bavaria and the Upper Palatinate, not to forget with its majestic mountains, Upper Bavaria is the reading value.

And so, the first chapter of the Upper Bavaria makes 7 times”curious on the favourite country of the Kings Bayerisch Schwaben, on wilderness and distance in the Bavarian Forest, or wine and Middle Ages in the serene hilly francs, where lovers of art and pleasure travelers at their own expense. “Whether you can rather see the top 10 city” from Munich to Bayreuth continues to read or be under the category of natural paradises “engrossed in Bavaria’s Lakes, mountains or caves, is a matter of personal taste. However it is certain: the quality and variety of the tourist offer is second to none. “The category active in Bavaria” the holiday country alternately through the goggles, the bicycle or surfboard from respectively, with the golf clubs in hand or rope on the belt. “Families will find paradise homes in holiday on the farm”, and romantics their fairy tale castles, fortresses and sacred places of pilgrimage under the upper section that is typical Bavaria “. Who has long enough been lurking on the elusive Wildcat or traced the authority of Watzmann, which is maybe for something human, say: Bavarian society zumute, and where there is to find more than a folk festival or cultural festival under top culture”.

The State of Bavaria between Bayreuth Hill has terms of art and culture,”and even more than plenty to offer the cultural cities of Munich, Nuremberg and Regensburg. And to the deep religiosity of Bavaria also no need to share, to inspire for the glory and the art treasures of the Bavarian churches and monasteries of Mary’s altar by Veit shock in the Cathedral of Bamberg, for example, only a few from a long series are the Regensburg Cathedral as a high point of Gothic architecture, the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Passau as an outstanding example of Baroque architecture. Remains still on the engine page to point out: the database to the Bavarian tourism. Provider addresses with all contact information, link to the home page and route planner, sorted by region and five categories of food and beverages on hotels and accommodation to adventure and leisure, are are looking in several ways: once they appear to the overview texts of each category as tips. On the other hand leads the search via a “” interactive map to success-Bayern: who increasingly dense zooming to mouse click on the desired destination “and the desired industry, about art and culture” selects the individually suitable addresses in a list of results is displayed. Press contact BDP GmbH Mr. M. Karpenko Ebnatstrasse 152 CH-8200 Schaffhausen phone: + 49 (0) 180-320-522 8 E-Mail: Web page: