Password safe and repository 12.03.2012 wins the innovation award-IT on the CeBIT Gersthofen. 2012 9th 2,580 applications in 40 categories, over 100 expert jurors times awarded,: IT is the innovation price 2012 “. The password and identity management system password safe and repository”MATESO GmbH has gained him. The coveted prize is the IT industry for years as the seal of approval. The year’s award ceremony at CeBit took place under patronage of IBM in Hanover on the stunning IBM booth.

The frame was highly professional, solemnly and entertaining. Several hundred guests from politics, business and the ICT industry anxiously followed the event. Which of the candidates would convince the hundred from the expert jury? “In his speech, which introduced the different categories, the Vice President of CeBIT Reinhold Uddin admitted one of the places with highest importance the field of IT security and announced the winner in the field of IT-security: password safe and repository enterprise” of MATESO GmbH, Gersthofen. To great applause, Thomas Malchar, the Managing Director was awarded Cup and winner certificate of MATESO GmbH. “The 2012 Innovationspreis-IT is a great confirmation for our work. We have to put right keep with our strategy on centralized password management. We are pleased that our software now ranks among the best IT innovations Germany”, said Malchar bright.

The product password safe and repository”organized and structured companies in the field of password and identity management. Users include individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporations. Including 18 of the top 30 DAX companies. Password safe offers unrivalled advantages: it is flexibly adaptable to the needs of the customers, it can be quickly integrated, extensions are not a problem. Central and highly encrypted storage of passwords, identities, documents and etc. enormously facilitates the handling of sensitive data. Can the so-called automatic password registration” Employees of automated systems are authenticated. The comfortable Active Directory integration and rights management”the simple construction allows a permission structure.

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