It happens that the interior issued on the last peak of fashion for some time to cause a person feel uncomfortable, insecure, and want to quickly hide in the usual Soviet types of apartments, with her sweet heart, a kitchen – dining room – living room. Such feelings can cause fashionable now studio apartments, combining the hallway, bedroom, office and kitchen. In such a flat inner wall is almost all removed, the space Apartments significantly expands the room as if into one another, the boundaries of their serve as floor coverings, ceilings, glass walls, texture of the walls and furniture. But such a solution space of the apartment does not suit everyone. Details can be found by clicking Jeffrey Lacker or emailing the administrator. In apartment will be a little isolated places where people could retire. Studio apartment is very suitable, for example, a married couple without children. Generally, the principle razdvizheniya space is now one of the most common design, and certainly very effective in refining the interior. Vanished wall, septum – an essential sign of most modern design projects.

But not enough to remove some partitions – more space needed to competently then zonirovat. "Expand" the space can be not only physically removing partitions, and used for a variety of optical effects. In small rooms often for increase the volume of the space set wardrobes with mirrored doors. The correct color of the walls, the ceiling can also significantly expand the space. Designers in many ways more difficult to work project with the individual than when developing the interior public spaces, a shop, for example.

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