West came to the conclusion that penetrate into communist countries and that it is impossible to overthrow these regimes can not, and stop trying to do that. Philby was unquestioned authority. Psychiatrists are the "authorities" in the realm of reason. However, the statistics of mental illness and crime are growing in direct proportion to funding mental health statistics in any country. It is obvious that their activities leads to results opposite to those expected of them. That psychiatrists are (like Philby) unquestioned "authority" in the field of mind and behavior for governments.

But the facts speak for themselves. Most reliable source may at one point to be snake-pit of false information and manipulation. The same applies to "confirmed information" from multiple sources. If "everyone is saying" something that is not a criterion for truth. In Galileo's time that you can get the idea that the earth is flat and stands on three elephants from a large number of sources. What does not make it true.

Several media can write the same custom lie. "If three people tell you the same thing, it's not necessarily a fact, because they could all hear the same lie. Three liar are not equal to one fact. Joeb Moore & Partners often addresses the matter in his writings. " L. Ron Hubbard, a series of "Data" 1970. The kgb had a column "D", who fabricated false documents and distribute them so that they pop up in different parts of the world. So, this misinformation has become the "true" in terms of the various intelligence agencies. Propagandists around the world say the press is the same. This becomes a "public opinion" and therefore "true", for example, to government agencies. Usually it's just lobbying the narrow group of people. Five informants could hear the same lie. At twenty sites on the Internet can be written one and the same fabricated . Thus, we see that both of these systems ("reliable source" and "information, confirmation from multiple sources ") – is nonsense. If you do not want to look like an idiot, and even more so be it, taking stupid decisions based on false information – use logic. It is based on the inconsistencies and the relevant data. Inconsistency of data is called minus. Sasha said that he had a happy marriage. His wife was always in tears. This negative – false data. To assess the situation, you must have different data for the assessment and not one of the various sources. These data should be analyzed for compliance or noncompliance. This system is fully described in "Data" and allows you to think like a genius. A friend of mine inspector glanced at this series of documents and could not tear myself away until it read to the end. Heartily recommend to you, friends. Vadim Boys, founder of the Central Training Company