Link to my site Hi, I’m new here but I quite like the idea of compqartir information of all kinds, and even more if people would come from investigating and / or hearing things that studies have provided them. My question is, when I write a comment in the discussion part of an article and sign it, yet I want that name of the firm I link to my page, as I have seen that each author of a how do I link Because when I do, the link appears in red, a sign that there is my page, but I am registered. Or does the fact that I sign that I do not create a page If this is so, then I have to create it from the link in red . And if everything is true, the menu that appear in the upper right, in any case the first option, which in this case is “Paul iq” is not my personal page, which would be available if I link to some discussion Thank you.Paul If you put a link — out automatically assigned to your user page here. if Siqueiros change, to leave such discussion and also link to an external page, you have to change it in preferences and remove automatic signature – FAR (Paper Claims) 00:30, 2 August 2006 (UTC) Yes, you to create your page from the link in red. Plat discuss Orphanides 11:03 2 Aug 2006 (EST) Thanks for the help, now I have other, hope does not bore, but is there which is how to type those without commas ( ) use the button below . Well, yes. You can make a tilde ( ) by typing Alt 126 (on the numeric keypad, I guess you already know) or by pressing AltGr 4 and then space.-Nethac IUD, always ready to speak here-13:16 5 August 2006 (UTC) Is there way to get a printable file with everything about ing What is the link where you can find out about putting these frameworks that appear in some pages Almost all have, is a kind of summary, or links to the right side of the article. Well, thanks. Paul 19:36 2 August 2006 (UTC) I forgot, this term How do I correct that the true time apre o below my signature In fact, here is 12:38 pm. When you , near record page, there is a link called Help edici ndesde there you should find what you need to know to . If you want to print it in ools (izquda below) is on every page a link to the print version. The frameworks do not understand it very well. Do you mean the tables of contents Or to the templates As for the date, comes with the server automatically.In preferences you can adjust your time zone .– FAR (Paper Claims) 19:45 2 Aug 2006 (EST) Thanks for your help. The frameworks, I do not mean content tables (indexes), I understand that these are self-generated as new sections are created in an article. What I mean is linking tables and graphs that are sometimes located on the right side of an article, or left or center, in short, anywhere. These frameworks (if they are called) where can I read about them Gracias.Paul 20:11 3 ago 2006 (CEST) (I still have the problem of time, here are the 13:15). Mirate Help: Templates. Basically, it is a text cualuqiera, I put cheese with just put ((something)) such that the text muetsre Template: Something. If you want to learn how to make tables, boxes and so on, you should write in HTML, the computer language used to design the web Paguina.But you can always easily adapt an existing template .– FAR (Paper Claims) 22:04 3 Aug 2006 (EST)