Silveira de Moraes- Psychologist Misticismo, Espiritualidade, Philosophy, Behavior, Sciences, Health and General Culture Taking care of upon request of some readers I look for in this small space to clarify some doubts on the mstico work of the order Rose-Cross AMORC. In first place she is necessary to leave clearly that this Order makes a mstico and philosophical work without lucrative ends. Its work is illuminant and agent of peace and universal fraternity. Many doubts and until preconceptions against this school, mstica exist, that has its teachings, aiming at the personal development, with bigger capacity to decide the challenges of the life, full use of the human potential of each individual. It also aims at the self-knowledge of the powerful and harmonious interaction with Interior I, the misticismo, as the way for the maximum personal evolution, and a footpath to reach health, peace and happiness, since it nails the harmony, the light and the love. The AMORC (Antiga and Mstica, Order Rosae Crucis), does not have dogmas, and accepted any student, of any religion (it does not demand that it abandons), since that he is ethical and it has its belief in the True, Creative God of the Universe and, that believes in the peace and universal harmonization. It supplies its affiliated a program of individual study to be carried through in its proper home, which has for objective the personal development in: initiative, creativity, intuition, concentration, capacity to relax and to have a balanced, harmonious, healthful and productive life more. Visit Charles Schwab
for more clarity on the issue.

Its practical and experiments aim at to change behaviors, thoughts and attitudes, always for the common good. Also promoting, the evolution of the human beings for superior psychic levels of conscience and understanding. Rose-Cross is the composed term that assigns the basic symbol of the AMORC, a golden cross with an only rose rubra half-opened in the center. How much to the meaning, valley to remember and to know: the Cross represents the vicissitudes of the life human being in the world; the rose, the evolution of the Human being by means of these vicissitudes. The nature of the AMORC is the fraternity cultural inicitica and. It transmits the modern knowledge of multimillenarian origin for personal persistence and evolution of the Man and the Woman, with teachings; practical theories and. As fraternity, if it constitutes in an association of people, without any discrimination, (preconception) based in the philosophical-mstica premise of that all the human beings are manifestations of one attributes exactly and only BEING; for analogy, brothers under the GOD paternity. In the AMORC, God, it is the used word to assign the Supreme Being, or To be Cosmic.

God is the Being Supremo and Transcendente and Its essence is in everything and whose conscience constitutes the Soul of the Human being. For rose-crosses, the Creation is manifestation of the GOD attributes. God of our Heart is with if they relate to the God, understanding itself with this the God of the understanding and the feeling of each one, as we feel God in our interior. I believe that it gave to clarify a little on this mstica school that always searchs the peace and the harmony, but, that already it had as much distortions on its true one to exist and teaching.