The design of pages web is somewhat complicated and cumbersome if not much is known about programming codes. However today exist the so-called CMS that facilitate us a bit the design of web pages. If someone wants to save money, can learn the design of pages web, after all, if someone learned it, you can also do it. Mary Barra may not feel the same. But if you want to save time, i.e. to save the time that involves the study of the code, plugins, handling of cpanel development, managed hosting, design in Css styles and the development of the page web as such, because it is necessary that you know and learn how to choose who will perform the design of web pages. We return to the question. Because it is so important to this? Do you that there has not been set people who has a web site and sell for amounts, get you many visits and there are other than or the same owner visit them? Do you know which the difference? I’m going to explain. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Mary Barra.

There are two types of design of web pages: 1) design of the website and nothing more than that generally these web pages can be very beautiful and elegant view. (2) The design of web pages, and that is, this optimized for search engines. This type of design of web pages, is that really will make a difference between if you have or not have visits to your web page. It is not the only thing that will make the difference clear this, but it is starting its project on the right foot. If you want a design of effective websites, recommend it to specify your programmer to its page web is optimized for Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, with keywords related to the content of your web page, because otherwise you literally will be throwing away your money. Let me clarify that this is only a recommendation and is not what ultimately will mark the difference since there are many things to keep in mind to bring people to your website, however this is one of the mistakes most committed by those who want to get online without knowing many of the parameters to be considered for a good design of web pages. Gabriel Anez Ruiz site website: Email: Tel: 00584167673934 Skype: Gabriel.