Historical style curtain development and change of architectural styles is inextricably linked with history. Change of epochs always entailed a change of style. Interior Designers 'Fashion Boom' will create an artistic image of the historic interior of your apartment or cottage, construction and materials of the time. Pick up a coloring fabric and texture of the style. Gavin Baker, New York City has plenty of information regarding this issue. Antique style design curtains in antique style involves the use of both plain fabrics and materials ethnic paintings, images of mythological characters or scenes from the ancient epic. Classicism Colours curtain shall comply with natural shades: ocher, gold, terracotta, the color of aged wood, olive. Tissue, usually the color of natural unbleached linen or covered with a large floral pattern.

Playful and elegant rococo style in curtains, which is considered frivolous and irresponsible. Very popular. This style has huge impact on all types of art, especially decorative. Modern fabrics for curtains, used most often, easily, with flowing lines and floral ornamentation. For pickup of used accessories decorated with beads and bugles. Baroque style is intended to demonstrate the richness and luxury. A characteristic feature is the design of curtains: the predominance of curvilinear shapes, sumptuousness, the use of twisted elements. Accessories for gold and silver.

Strict constructionism avant-garde style. Nothing more, the correct form pattern fabric and clear boundaries. Lines in the design of curtains are used only straight lines. This style is easily distinguished from other concise form and monolithic appearance. Romanesque arched window decorated by little, to greater penetration of the sun. Curtains are more decorative than than practical. Eclecticism Eclecticism – A style convenient for people who do not wish to be satisfied by any one style. Compound, seemingly incompatible things. The combination of high tech in the Oriental style, and so forth. The Gothic style Gothic style – a tall windows with pointed gothic arches, steep and easily reduce curtains, where each part tends to fold upward movement. This Empire-style inherent in peace, orderliness, cold solemnity, gravity, clarity of forms and intricacy of decoration. In this style, all intended to show luxury furniture, and curtains: the rich heavy drapes, decorations made of metal and high canopies.