There everything is more expensive, then it leaves everything there merreca of it of wage. Only if spending that nor machine when in one is lubricated. It goes until if acab naked work and still goes there to die CELSO there: – Vamu is to sleep that it is, that I still have that acord pra to go pra there line. TONHO: – You already saw these faces that work in the construction. They make a line and pro go playing the brick an other, until the brick you to everything there where they go mounting the walls. Later that the building is ready, them they are all errand even so, are in the street until arranj another job. The owner of the building goes vendendo everything and goes gaining a pile of grana without nailed one to you nails back in the workmanship. CELSO: – But of where it arranged the grana pra to pay the worker? TONHO: – This is capit, heard one face speaking in boteco of emprest money of the government, later paid the trbalhador and the expense everything.

When vende of pra to pay to the government and still surplus a pile pra to go being rich. A Mafia is everything. CELSO: – But as you go handle money of the government? You do not know the government. TONHO: – I Am this that you wanting aprend. You looking at for there, I am of eye back in the bank and am listening to the faces speaking of this thing. But I also you seeing that it has people being rich putting the others pra vend thing. There you already saw that peddler of the square, them vende stolen good that comes of the foreigner and famous record of artists, that these counterfeited things are only everything, in is original. There they vendem and gain money, but who earns exactly is who delivery these things advantages peddler, only has the work of faz counts.