To buy this before Binder best in 5 or 10 packs, usually also have preferential rates in these quantities. Cooking aprons because the Chef pants quite well protect piece here should be enough 2-3. Now even the last part of the Workwear for cooking and kitchen – the occupational footwear. As Kuchenschuh or Kochschuh, the shoes have to meet a lot of requirements. On the one they should be completely closed at the front to protect of the foot E.g. from hot cooking water and on the other hand, you should have a firm hold in them – clogs a heel strap is therefore essential. The sole should be additional anti-slip and resistant to animal fats–often the shoes manufacturers are shown as cuisine suitable for. Thus the chef apparel is actually complete we now devote ourselves professional facilities.

The professional knives for chefs are quite different – depending on the material, there are different special knives. The quality of the knives and the associated price of Chef’s knives are used above hardly limits. High-quality knives have a forged blade but are not necessary for the career. A good chef’s knife series with stamped blades and sturdy but good E.g. the series Pro dynamic of the manufacturer is F.Dick ergonomically shaped handle pieces.

This series is designed for everyday kitchen use. The basic equipment, you should choose a small and a medium-sized kitchen knife anyway. A boning knife, which is mainly used to trigger bone from meat, as well as a utility knife with serrated edge, as well as a chef’s knife of medium blade length should be in the starter package also. Ideally everything in a so-called roller bag (see image left). So everything is well protected. Here a collection of Chef apparel and equipment for cooking trainees: 3-5 chef jackets, long sleeve in white 1 Pack ball buttons, 1 double pack white button plackets 3 triangle scarves 3 shuttle-caps 5-10 cooking aprons 45 x 80 or 60 x 80 2-3 chef pants in pepita, black and white 1 pair shoes, suitable for kitchen knife set for apprentice chefs 1 small kitchen knife with 8-10 cm blade length 1 medium-sized kitchen knife set with approximately 16 cm long blade 1 boning knife with Blade length approx.

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