History Text Moorish aljamiado Boabdil In 1491, the last king Nazari, capitulated to Ferdinand and Isabella and negotiated the surrender of Granada on 25 November. Among other things he remembers: “That the Moors may maintain their religion and their properties. That the Moors will be judged by the judges under their law, which will not betray that identific is Moors as the layers are worn by Jews. Do not pay more tribute to the Catholic monarchs that they paid to the Moors. That may keep all his weapons except of powder ammunition. To be respected and not treated as a renegade to any Catholic who has become Moor. That the ruling kings of people will only treat with respect and love for the Moors and if they are missing something would be immediately replaced and punished. That the Moors have the right to manage their education and their children. ” Immediately after the entry of Ferdinand and Isabella in Granada began conversion work by peaceful methods.To do decide to entrust Fray Hernando de Talavera, first Archbishop of Granada, the task of converting the Mudejar to the Roman Catholic faith. He devoted himself to his task with great commitment: he learned Arabic and preached meekness and kindness, as Muslims call him “the saint faqih. In July 1499 the Kings visited Grenada and the air was so amazed that he still Muslim city, even in their dress and customs. They decide to entrust it to Cardinal Cisneros, who had participated in the conquest of the kingdom of Granada, the task of persuading more harshly to conversion. This would begin to push through a plan conversions with three points: a) returning to the Roman Catholic faith or the Elches renegade Roman Catholic who converted to Islam, b) put pressure on Muslim leaders to promote conversion. Normally the media were economic pressure: debt relief and bribes, there was also physical abuse.There is a Zegri that withstood twenty days, gaining a reputation for hard man c) submit to the example of people turned heads. These were effective means of pressure. The repressive methods used by the Cardinal met its goal, as several thousand Muslims were receiving the water of baptism, becoming Roman Catholic. Also many books were confiscated and divided into two lots, one with religious subjects, Korans, etc.., All of whom were burned at the stake, in the central square in Bibirrambla, and another batch in science subjects, which was sent to the University of Alcal . These occurred in the absence of the Catholic Kings. Subsequently, in view of the results, the Kings declared that there were these instructions. Cardinal Cisneros probably exceeded their instructions. Most of them, however, continued to maintain their language, their customs and their ancient religion.This is evidenced aljamiados texts written in Castilian but in Arabic script. Here’s how he saw the contemporary historian, Luis del Marmol Carvajal, the Moors: (…) with mock humility and if they used some moral decency in his dealings, communications and costumes, in the interior of the yoke abhorred Roman Catholic religion, and secret doctrine and taught each other in the rites and ceremonies of the sect of Mohammed. This stain was general common people, and in particular there were some noble entente which gave things of faith, and honored to be and apparently Roman Catholic, and of these, such is not our history. The other, though not declared Moors were secret heretics, failing in them faith and the baptism, and when they showed resabidos be sharp and in their wickedness, they were rude and ignorant in the virtue and doctrine. If they went to hear Mass on Sundays and holidays, and because compliance was for the priests and penasen not benefit by it.Never were mortal sin, nor say truth in the confessions. On Friday kept and washed, and made the Zala at home behind closed doors, and on Sundays and holidays are locked to work. When they had baptized some creatures, secretly washed with hot water to remove the chrism and the holy oil, and made their retaj ceremonies, and their names placed Moors brides, that priests wear dresses made them Roman Catholics to receive blessings of the Church, going to undress in their homes and seen as blackberries, did their wedding in the Moorish delicacies instruments and Moors. “During the first half of the sixteenth century there was some tolerance. The authority admitted of this fidelity to Islam, who fought through the Inquisition and tolerability while awaiting conversion.Many of the Albaicin Mudejar were cheated by how the Catholics were deceiving, as first assured them they would be able to continue with their religion and then were “convinced” them to become.