Did before the fight, the Gladiators greeted the emperor with the classic?Ave, imperator, morituri te salutant?. Several couples or groups fought at the same time when a Gladiator was wounded, he could ask for forgiveness. The Emperor listened to the opinion of the crowd about if had fought as it was due. If all waving the handkerchief will forgive the fallen life. If not, people came back down the fist with the thumb stiff and the Gladiator was topped by the winner or a servant.

The victorious Gladiator was rewarded with riches and managed to win the sympathies of the audience. The most prized honour that could obtain was the sword of wood (rudis) symbol of liberation. Mythological and historical battles with the suitably costumed contenders are also escenificaban. Do these scenes served to kill the condemned one way? imaginative?: while in the normal shows the death of the protagonist was fictitious, since at the last moment it was replaced by a dolt in the circus, the actor intended to die, dying truth. Although it wasn’t their space natural, in the Coliseum they also came to celebrate naumachia or mock naval battles, such as the one offered at the time of Domitian. To achieve this, some areas of pavement were eliminated to flood water sand. Game Gladiators original author and source of the article