In this process to gain space you have great allies and they are the fabrics. Yes she has read, it well. The fabrics have the capacity to reflect or to catch the light. It is incredible what it is possible to be done choosing the correct textures and tones. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jonathan Segal FAIA. In this case, the curtains, the carpets and the clothes of bed that is chosen for the dormitory must be of smooth clear tones and. When one is a dormitory, to choose the bed is very important and much more when that dormitory is small.

Generally usually they choose bunks that allow to have two places available occupying the one place although clearly, space concerning the height takes care. An interesting option is the beds nests because an extra place can not only be had there are but them with two. For a room very reduced the best option it is the folding bed and in case it needs major space available in certain opportunities, it will have to choose the beds tracks. Other things will help that it to gain space are the use of mirrors that will cause that the light is reflected. Also to try that the dormitory is monochromest possible. So if its wall is of a pale blue tone, the curtains and the carpet will also have of being of that color. Those furniture like a library that goes placed in the wall must have the same color. In the case of the decorative accessories it can choose blue a little darker and in the case of the ceiling a clearer tone would be due to use that the wall (one or two clearer tones). The company Muebles Asdara is distributing manufacturer and of furniture, mainly of mobles juvenils. In his Web it can find an ample one variety of folding beds.