Representatives of the "small" dog breeds are very different from their larger cousins, and the size and character. The ratio of host to them, too, is very different: if a solid dogs and German Shepherds perceived as keepers and defenders, then, for example, miniature toy-terriers and Chihuahuas – both funny pets. Too many owners of small dogs believe that their pet is not required training, there is a widespread prejudice that small dogs are characterized by a weak intellect, therefore their training complex, and sometimes simply impossible. These two views are very strong fallacies. In fact, the dog handlers are confident that the training of small dogs are not merely possible but even necessary.

Training small dogs is not only fun for owner and pet, and should carried out not only from a desire to impress obedience dog guests. Details can be found by clicking Joeb Moore or emailing the administrator. During walks in a modern big city just need to know your dog is at least the most basic set of commands. Only a dog can be a time to let walk without a leash, knowing that she did not flee away, do not pop up on the roadway, he grasps his teeth unwanted items lying on the street, do not run with the barking to a stranger. If you teach the animal to "understand" you, then it will clearly follow you when need be no pulling on the leash and not pulling ahead, and, having received permission in a convenient location, run play. The owner knows that he can be sure your animal that it is constantly under its control. This helps you avoid headaches.

And for most pet it only plays a positive role: he never lost, not received injury through negligence. In the flat training small dogs are also very important. In the process of education inculcated cleanliness, the dog knows his nickname, location, learns to behave with unfamiliar visitors, do not touch "Forbidden" things, and generally disciplined pet. As a result, owners can avoid a lot of problems. As a final argument, it is worth noting that during the training is more intimate communication owner with their pet, they know each other better, learn to understand. As a result, you will gain more loyal and devoted friend who will understand at a glance what you want from him, catching the slightest vibration to your mood. In general, it develops a dog makes it more intelligent and disciplined. Such a pet with full confidence can be called a proud owner.

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