80% of family businesses would have no success in overcoming the transition from the second generation. Transform and maintain the brothers in a team is important and critical to try to avoid being part of these statistics. A company of brethren can be as a result of two situations: (a) by succession and (b) voluntary partnership between them to start a new business. In both cases, it is necessary that the brothers, or part of them, to be transformed and/or maintain as a team, in other words, in a group of people, United by blood ties, agree to formalize and share the same vision, mission, goals and rules regarding businesses which are or will be owners. Although achieving this requires allocating some resources, especially time, is shown that the effort is worthwhile. The position does not deal with succession and/or the conformation of the brothers on a computer, is risky, it may involve: move rapidly from optimal to lousy; transforming the union into disunity; return engagement in abstention; convert common interests in conflicting interests; pass an authority recognized divided factions; transform mutual trust into suspicion, communication in gossip, rapport in personal hatred and rigidity to change flexibility, this usually has as a consequence the disappearance of business, or loss of a part of the family patrimony. The generational transition is closely tied to the succession process, which by its nature and characteristics, requires analysis, planning and preparation, as it is one of the reasons why family businesses disappear. Each company is unique and different, what if they have in common is the high rate of mortality, and the generic recommendations to deal with the interaction of family and business processes: participate in the elaboration and implementation of the Protocol and to prepare the succession.

Preparing the succession or develop the Protocol prevents or prevents the family becomes a risk factor for his own company, and collaborates to transform them into an entrepreneur family, i.e. a group of people with family ties among them, that promote the implementation of best practices and the development of competitive advantages in the business which are or will be ownersunderstanding that these companies are and will be source of value for them. Annex: Difficulties for the formation of the brothers in a team these factors are restrictive and limiting, except be corrected or introduce courses of action that mitigate its effects in the family business: low family unit: is expressed in poor communication, distrust, open conflicts, etc. low commitment: to avoid confusion of: cash flow, emotional and commercial relations, property and ability to handle, etc. low preparation: for the succession, to take decisions and in the members of the family. High dependence on the founder or leader to achieve results. Lack of values required for the success of a family business: industriousness, responsibility, exemplary work in equipment, etc.

attitude of the leader or founder: vagueness, not assume decision-making that considers may be difficult or threatening, etc. the family’s attitude: do nothing, self-medicate, ensure personal interests, etc.

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