Media Teaching Physical Education Prof. Reinaldo Chacon mail address is being protected from spam bots. You need JavScript enabled to view it The primary goal of physical education is to educate the individual fully in all aspects and areas necessary for their development, their development and integration of effective, useful that will enable the proper way to society. It is important to take into account the environment where the activities are educational and interactions, whether between students or people of any community that support learning. These processes can occur in a natural area that is considered necessary and appropriate to provide learning, where product where pedagogical, communicative, social and emotional well integrated help collect new experiences that help you reflect upon the care in care and maintenance of our environment and create awareness for the continued enjoyment of the beautiful and wonderful that nature offers us. Living a large block outdoor physical education, where we had all these activities can be developed taking advantage of an important resource as is the nature, visits to parks, lakes, natural museums, major gaps, beaches, and other sites. We can also plan trips to other cultural environment for example, science and technology, religious, etc. and tourist camps in places where nature can reflect aspects of education and thus provide new knowledge and experiences, giving meaning to a target set by teachers in community or welfare of a society that seeks to improve their quality of life for the values in an environment full of new things to discover. The implementation of the games during physical education class are of great importance within the same, due to motor development in the individual achieves therefore noteworthy that each have a specific purpose and we can sort through its wide range, we can name among them games Pre-sports, environmental games, educational games, traditional games, driving games, skill games basic games, socialization, games, graphics, literary games.