America XX dominica On the American continent is co-official with English in Canada, although most Canadians are Anglophones, except in the regions of Quebec, where most of the population is French, being French (Quebecois) the only language official in the province in which we have already held several referendums secessionist negative, New Brunswick and Ontario, also in Louisiana (United States) and Acadia (NE U.S.) where he speaks dialect of French, Acadian, and the Republic of Haiti. It is also spoken by some communities in the islands of Dominica, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago and in the border area between Haiti and the Dominican Republic (albeit in French-speaking Caribbean islands as spoken by the majority of the population are dialects of French: Creole and French Creole).Also some small communities speak French or French origin elsewhere in the Caribbean and South America speaking, and in the region bordering French Guyana in the state of Amap (Brazil).