Now, how could in a given space, generate such perfection. If we are talking about cells, we integrate all cells; Like this also with regard to organisms, human beings and finally, especially if we refer to minds, it follows the same precept. If we are to use all components by the fact that there are, it cannot be abstracted none, that omission makes it imperfect. If any task with the goal of perfection and balance is intended to land, it will not be achieved until all its members to participate in it. We will not access a language if our minds are not perfect. Want to be owners of perfect minds, because within our nature of human beings, the mind can perfectly reached its highest level, through its decoder in this human body, the brain is not nonsense. A higher thought can define an organism equally advanced, or simply has to be itself only.

While corporizado, the thinking will therefore need airing; and each transmission system is in line with the level of selfness and each selfness, to its proper level of thought. Our current system of communication seems often insufficient and is due to two keys: little sense of unification and service among those who use it and therefore to the same language system. For known reasons – and others not so even-, the species has atrophied not so much technologically, but much more mentally. If there is a voluntary involvement of all components, by natural force would emerge explosions of creativity and physical manifestations of this creativity. Strictly speaking, the maximum expression of language in a high society, not would be something similar to our level, yet extremely archaic. Surely would, like the last, to the source example: symbol and language system would be one with the content.

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