2. Pictures, sketches or 3D visualization of the interior – a complete, final version of the interior, what should obtained and for which they work. I hope you have already developed their own understanding of why need a design project and whether it needed at all. Connect with other leaders such as Jonathan Segal FAIA here. That is undeniable things and pluses of the design project: First you have a clear idea of your interior, you have everything laid out on shelves and you clearly understand what it looks like that not enough is important, because without the project and a clear picture of what should eventually get your interior is hard to imagine that succeed. Secondly you easier to communicate with the builders for the work and the cost of repairs. You do not have to show hands that here is a bed, and here in front, slightly to the left chest of drawers with a TV and I want everything in the tree and skin. You are clearly set forth the objectives and understand yourself why and what goes. Kitchens has plenty of information regarding this issue. The third is a selection of furniture and decoration materials. You come into a store and want to order a kitchen, you always have on hand a project in which the displayed color and material and what is not important enough clear floor space and furniture, no need to think where to hang the hood, because it is already thought out all the designer and in concert with you, marked all the sockets, all the conclusions of the equipment, you will not should be no problem with the fact that the outlet is not installed where necessary or that the color of the furniture does not fit into the overall interior, all of these issues and problems you solve with a designer on the stage of development design to construction.

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