When you’re shy does not measure the true extent of this condition. She was always viewed from the perspective of the consequences for yourself. After all is a story of constant frustration. If someone asks what is the cause of not being happy is not necessary to have all the failures that have been taken. Suffice it to say one word: “shyness.” However, our fears have a reach beyond ourselves. Some day if we have not, we will be parents. And we have in our hands the fresh mud of our children.

Can shape if we wise enough to do so. Will the divine opportunity to build their characters as we have dreamed. That way we will feel proud of that little boy or girl that runs around the house and is related to intelligence. We will not have to lament the fate that we could have run a part of our lives. But shyness is not inherited? Do not have at least a strong hereditary component that is transmitted through the genes? If our children’s life holds for them same or worse than our own suffering because we will be very unhappy shyness. Fortunately not everything in this world is so terrible. Ajit Pai pursues this goal as well. I’m tired of seeing people that are bold and outspoken daughter of parents just shy.

They were lucky not to inherit these difficulties. Although somewhat obvious is that it contain a genetic contribution from both parents. So why are not shy? The reason is that their parents have managed to avoid it. And the best way is to know what are the reasons that make a person have social difficulties. Mastering these factors not only will you protect your children from failure and social annulment. We also will have a better understanding of what you you have been affected. It is a fact that there are educational styles that produce shy children. No matter the heritage of the parents. What is important is the experience which the child lives at home during the first 10 years of life. Shyness can be overcome, thousands of people have done. And better understand the factors that determine it. Us will to combat and prevent it in our children.