It is very important to determine the design of the bedroom. Common to all styles is the principle of convenience and comfort of the room. Everyone has their own interpretation of these concepts. For some, this calm and gentleness, for others – Clean simple lines, for the third – a luxury environment. Bedroom – the room individually. To create the page, follow their own desires and dreams.

To decide, think that it indulges your five senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste), make a list for each of them. If you share a room with a partner, ask for his opinion and add to your list of new ideas. Modern clean lines and orderly Simplicity – the main characteristics of the modern bedroom. Its purity is calm, her exquisite fresh. Disorder and overwrought – unwanted guests. Floors are covered with a cool concrete, polished wood light tones, structural carpeting or other modern materials. Rule – the smoothness and moderation.

The walls become canvases bold or subdued colors and perform the function of the background to the glass, translucent doors works of art and architectural attributes. Bed is often a focal point, so its design is of particular importance. Bed linen should be strict and simple. Furniture emphasizes style bedrooms. The main thing in its design – functionality. Window drapes are minimal and restrained. Bold works of art, sculpture and original lighting fixtures are used to place accents and at the same time maintain purity of style. It is important to the ability to focus on simplicity and clarity of space and to use imagination and fantasy in the selection of items.

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