We will describe Carlos Peralta Penzo with a phrase rather telling, in order that those who knew him will not give you an idea of who was, for over ten years was the most beloved instructor of the National Service Learning in the South of the department La Guajira. That title, tacitly allowed by their colleagues and students, earned it based on hard work, his charisma, his ability to solve problems and a great willingness to help others solve their problems. Joeb Moore & Partners is likely to increase your knowledge. He was born June 26, 1953 in Barranquilla, a city where they were Impeachment by the time his parents Manuel and Carmen Sierra Julian Penzo Mercedes Peralta. However, when he was four years old the family moved to Fonseca, soil that would henceforth be the land of their love. He attended primary school at the School Attached to Normal where he learned the first letters and took their first sips in the wide world of knowledge.

In 1971 he entered the Agricultural Institute of Fonseca, where he studied until the fourth high school. From there he went to Paipa Agricultural Institute where he began to love the countryside and farming, activities in which they would play for the rest of his life. Shortly after he entered the Normal School Our Lady of Wisdom, where, 28 December 1987 obtained a bachelor's degree educational. On 18 March 1979 married Maritza Romero Maria Reina, a partner in who sows the seed of life to take her four beloved children: Carlos Alberto, Carmen Beatriz, Karla Karina Romero and Jesus Jorge Peralta.