Something that can give you a good idea of the imposing stature of these two players, which should convey a feeling of terror their opponents with security. Visitors can then take a look at the cinema of the Museum, which includes a 200 degree screen in which you will know everything you need to know about tennis. Every aspect of the game affect the body of the player and his team through the microscope, so it is fun and educational at the same time. Now, do you not go to the CentreCourt360? Here you get a magnificent view of the world-famous track of tennis and enjoy numerous interactive tools and a sensational view. But while the Museum offers a fascinating perspective through history and more recent events, there is no doubt that will want to feel under your feet lawn which have occurred in some of the biggest moments in tennis. So don’t despair, since you also have a guided tour of the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Will pass through the Central track, the track number one, the press room and the restaurant and terrace of the players. If you believe that your own qualities to tennis would help you to reach the final of Wimbledon, playing here is the first step.

But remember, the demand for these tracks is very high, so it may be good idea to make booking in advance to ensure a hollow. Although the United Kingdom fails to produce champions of tennis, Wimbledon is an essentially British tradition and is marked in red on the sporting calendar each year. Don’t miss the opportunity of approaching, in your car or transportation in London, to this mythical place and the scene of many triumphs and sports suffering is something that definitely not to be missed.