Sunday October 25, 2009 in Uruguay, a day of national elections for President and Vice Chairman from Amplistas and White Front and although the Reds had no chance of aspiring to the country’s leadership of course are also presented. I am not very knowledgeable on the subject of politics but do not deny that I love as the vast majority of compatriots. Already voted with my family and it was around noon and enjoyed a wonderful day, from a warm spring day to a late night of bright colors and friendly as usual Uruguayans have him see the world through which the country says we are in South America with the rate highest civic education.

I meet my wife in front of the TV hoping that the statesmen give what they already knew about, but keeping the hope of winning the first round. Front robustly achieving a whopping 47.5% of the votes of the Uruguayans, whites 28.5% against 16.7% de los Colorados, coupled with the latter would give second-noa back to beat them either, and that’s what I do not find this voting system software, created at the time by Red and White in order to avoid the 2004 election win and the front could not help because in the first round Tabare Vazquez huge thanks to the Broad Front beat together. But laws are respected and we will secure within a month to show that the majority always wins. But it’s not that I only want to express, and that angers many colors. .