Heat shrinkable products to produce preferably a gas burner. 3.5 Adjust the burner so that flames it was blue and fuzzy with a yellow tongue. In shrinkage of heat shrinkable gloves, tubes and cuffs to keep the torch in the direction of shrinkage products, moving the torch evenly around the circumference along the cable, tubing and gloves sit evenly around the circumference. Surface-lined tubes or gloves must be smooth, without wrinkles and bubbles. Cutting the cable

Flattened ends of the cables, checked for lack of moisture on the minimum length of 1500 mm overlap of 100-150 mm. At a distance of 590 mm from the middle of the lap (mid-line) over the protective cover to put jute bandage tape of PVC. cable with a protective cover such as CHF or Rn to 540 mm from the end of the cable run circular incision, from him until the end of the cable to make a longitudinal incision and remove the hose. Armor cable, an incision along the edge of a hacksaw or bandages bronerezkoy limiter, and then remove the armor and a pillow under it. To remove Kraft paper and asphalt composition may be heated to a fugitive flame gas burner. Hull and armor cable clean cloth dampened with gasoline or acetone.

At a distance of 150 mm from the edge of armor (hose) on the shell cable to make the first incision and a ring at a distance of 25 mm from it – the second one. Feather and obludit soldering ground wire to the cable sheathing and armoring tape solder the PIC (aluminum shell – first rub mark solder And then – PIC). When tinning soldering apply grease. Mounting sleeve 2. Push the cable heat shrinkable tubes number 1 and number 2 in length and 900 mm in 1300, after defending the inner surface of the pipe from contamination (surface wrapping cables under the pipes with plastic wrap that comes with sleeves).

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