In order to create the site brought a steady income, you need to set a variety of measures whose aim is to increase attendance of your project's target audience. And today, I would like to talk about what exactly is search engine optimization – one of the key elements to promote your site on the World Wide Web. Site optimization is a set of actions performed on a specific strategy in order to output project on the first line of popular search rankings, which will lead to an increase in customers, and, respectively, and profit from the site. Many site owners believe that optimize your site for search queries are not so much, and difficult. After all, in theory, it is the owner knows everything about your project, well-versed in its contents, and can easily make the required changes in it. Here then is the issue, sometimes become a real problem – both in practice to fill your site, sources with the key demands, which will work optimally to improve the ranking of the project.

It is important to ensure that the content was to heed and kept the attention of visitors of its readability and interesting texts. Currently, search engines constantly change their algorithms, so to achieve good results in the optimization can be done only by this professionals, whose main job – site optimization and site promotion. Agree that the price is incorrect optimization carried out spelling mistakes is very high. This – the loss of profits, for which created project, and many hours of wasted time. And unethical promotion, which often guilty lovers fast results, generally should not be regarded as a variant of optimization. For those who are overly confident in their abilities, moreover, sometimes without any reason, I would like to tell a story instructive. One, confident user argued that promote your project for several months without attracting professionals from Internet agencies.

Reading the relevant literature, he embarked on his grand plan. Because of a computer, it, in the truest sense of the word, not getting out, but unfortunately, no two or three months results could not get any – of his project not only did not bring any profit, and vice versa – he flew a lot of money. Only a few years later, at a party, our wrangler admitted, what was the reason for his failures. It turned out that his inexperience, he simply dismissed the fact that the website optimization and promotion – it's completely different concepts. And if the search engine optimization is only a preparatory stage, which aims to modify the internal factors of the project, then search engine optimization is a whole range of activities, including a selection and running at this location information about the services or goods, the choice of quality sites, where it will be hosted, a publication written texts to attract the target audience, etc. And our friend was doing everything right, but three months engaged exclusively in the optimization, thinking that does everything correctly and provides a qualitative advancement of the project.