Again and again, send cease and desist letters for copyright infringement in the Internet estimated to result the large law firms in Germany, shipped daily thousands warnings for copyright infringement in Germany. Here, a peek behind the scenes should be thrown now. Who are the law firms admonition from and how do these data and the first suspicions for claiming to have made the public protected files on peer-to-peer networks? At the top is the rights holder. These are usually companies such as Sony music, universal or BMG. These instruct large firms such as BaumgartenBrandt, schulenberg and Schenk, or Waldorf of Frommer to examine where a violation has taken place and require them to deal with. But where the firm knows what goes on in the Filesharingnetzwerken is? Ask companies for anti-piracy.

These log in eMule, eDonkey or BitTorrent and crawl the movies offered to download and songs. If they find a specific file, a screenshot is made, the file is on the basis of their Compare hash values and test pieces of the file to be downloaded. Hash values are the fingerprint of a file. Information on name and address of the holder is obtained on the basis of the information obtained at the provider (Telecom, AOL, 1und1). Based on the collected data, a warning is created and sent to the parties concerned. The result is a claim that consists of a punitive injunctive relief and a lump-sum amount of compensation. The law firm warning from has of course the cease and desist so formulated as it is for them and the owner of advantage. Sign the have from ignorance, he acknowledged his guilt and undertakes to refrain from downloading files of copyright holder for 30 years.

In addition, he must pay the often too high fixed lump sum. Therefore you can warn only without to be consultation with a lawyer. Further instructions and a short, free initial assessment for patients here get: law firm Dr. Wachs

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