Perfect giveaways giveaways for Germany’s most popular hot drink ensure perfect customer loyalty. This is fundamental for a company that in the IRR forest of tenders and the competition the customer should not jump off. A small gift is the right way to give consumers a positive feeling and to reward him for his loyalty. Also, to promote the sale of a product or interest in a service, a promotional products is a positive support. So the article is used as long as possible and the advertising logo is present, the selection of a suitable and strong effect representatives wisely is to meet. Products around the coffee consumption provide a perfect basis for promotional products, which strengthen the corporate presence. Coffee as a cheerfully advertising hot drink is number one of the most popular drinks in Germany and beats even the beer as a front-runner. The average fuel consumption of the Germans should be about four cups a day.

And there, where drinking coffee is, don’t miss the coffee mug. With a printed coffee mug as a giveaway, it can help ensure that the recipient at his morning walk to the cupboard with the advertising logo contact device and connects it with the joy of the first cup of coffee. For a promotional article, which should arouse positive emotions, is that a great support. Coffee mugs can be wonderful individually. The eye-catching effect is an important factor for a giveaway, which on behalf to vouch for the company of a friendly, courteous image.

On the Web page of the promotional items of online shops Giffits under there is the possibility to choose from over 120 different cups and make them according to taste. With the company logo or a colourful image: on coffee cups everything is wonderful. Not every company is the same. As an advertising message should be delivered, depends on the advertising campaign and the corporate image. For individual needs, there is a diverse Selection as a basis for the advertising message. Shapes, colours and special extras such as for example the stocking with Swarovski stones can be considered in the selection. Since the budget for the use of promotional items is different, everything is under the coffee cups by lowest versions that cost less than a euro up to middle price class to have. So, ideas can be best implemented in reality. The experienced team of consultants from Giffits provides professional support for the campaign. To make it ready for use the most important tools of communication policy, the giveaway, the consultants develop high impact strategies together with the customer. The team looks forward to requests! Marcus Schulz and Thorsten Schmidt in partnership lead the promotional Agency of Giffits in Hamburg. Since 1998, the company has made a name as a leading importer of USB sticks and MP3 players on sale promotional products. Germany and Europe. The portfolio completes a variety of promotional items of approximately 50,000 products. Almost every product is feasible as a special design. So today around 30,000 companies when using company-specific promotional products rely on the know-how of the promotional specialists. Selected articles are calculated including individual finishing with print, embroidery, embossing or engraving in the promotional shop with just a few clicks.

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