Recently, among a large number of breeders and owners of dogs there was just a few wrong, but rather, an erroneous practice of training dogs. The fact that the above practice is based on rough, aggressive stance toward the animal, forcing it to any action, and sometimes the revelation of his beating. However, it is worth remembering that the success in your endeavors to be just trusting relationship with your pet. And they can emerge only if your sincere love for him and desire to understand his behavior. According to many foreign experts who have worked with dogs for more than a dozen years, any training dogs should be conducted based on the so-called positive motivation. Here we can draw an analogy with teaching a child. You're not going to constantly yell at your child continually blamed for any lapses in training? So why change tactics against dogs? In the same way as a child, a dog can be taught certain skills through play.

In the same way as children, your pets very expect you to praise. And they are genuinely trying to do everything best to please you. Do not believe me? Just look at those trusting eyes, and you'll understand. So do not be stingy in its approval of the action the dog, if your pet deserves it. But do not be too hard, if What he had stumbled. In dealing with the dog, meaning moments of her education and training, we need strict but not cruel. Details can be found by clicking Mary Barra or emailing the administrator. In educating and training the dog has a certain canon, adhering to which you are bound to achieve the desired result.

So, to get started is to think of 'gentleman's set of' master of any dog. We are talking about an individual included riot gear for your faithful friend, which should include: collar regular and rigorous collar, leash short and long leash, a muzzle and a variety of items for testing aport team (and play with the dog during a walk). You also need a bag for the above items and more – Bag for the goodies. If you have decided yourself to do dog training, you will carry always necessary to have any treats that loves your pet. It may be small pieces of sausage, meat, cheese or other types of feed. In addition, it is best to train a dog some time after feeding. Otherwise, it is, firstly, can be lazy and poorly run commands, and secondly – not too responsive to treat, proposed by you. Professional dog breeders, for best results, offer to engage in training dogs 2 times a day, with or before feeding or 3-4 hours after it. Apart from the above tips you should remember one more – in any work with dogs, especially when training dogs do not go around a huge reserve of patience. And if you decide to get a positive result – you can not do without it. In addition, you and early days to establish the correct contact with your dog and skillfully apply some conditioned and unconditioned stimuli. Speaking of the conditioned stimuli, in this context, we are talking about common in many kennel club of sound, or rather, verbal commands. Well, or the teams applying gesture. And remember, even if you do not plan to train your dog and raise it as proprietary or hunting dog, guard dog or a dog rescue, and just want to have a well-bred dog – to start you still have it with general training. So that the store of patience, delicacy – and forward towards success in your endeavor.