Meanwhile Jonathan is lying on the floor … In a question-answer forum Presidential candidate was the first to reply. Jonathan: – “because they killed me, that was what I had saved my life” Do not you know that feeling, you are supposed to be happy to be alive but do not understand the reason why fact that this murderer will not kill you, you stand up and decide to go after him, run by a hall to another room there are more bodyguards dead and about a closet is the person who went to see, also killed, you hear a shot coming from the roof, pick up a gun from one of the dead and head to the roof, where they arrived to see more bodies start slowly climb the stairs avoiding the bodies arrive at the door, when you go through this you can see , is far from the door, raising his left hand is the hand of a bodyguard and right hand is buried the sword in the chest, is the last remaining alive, suddenly a thunder storm is coming … T