esotericism video portal / Spirituelle Lebensberatung via WebTV since November 2008 the company offers Viktie media under the Internet address a new video portal with a focus on esoteric to. Already over 200 videos from various topics such as astrology, dancing, religion and spirituality are located in our repertoire. Every day more are added. Users logged-in can easily upload your own videos or embed from other video portals. For more information see Hachette Book Group. The videos can be rated and commented by the users. On Sundays, between 18: 00 and 20: 00, we present the first spiritual life coaching as a Call-In exclusively broadcast exclusively live distributed via WebTV. spiritual life advice you selected experts under the name of advise to all of life’s questions.

Callers pay only 14 cents per minute. Thea, who has published already many books in the field of mysticism, magic and witches, as well as Viktie Danu, belong to our consultants, for example, the popular novelist known from and Cordelia, known from Viktie media deals with esoteric topics since 1998 and is represented in the Internet with numerous forums, online schools, search engines and portals. Oliver salmon Viktie media