With water scarcity, GE technologies enable the use of recycled industrial waste, urban waste water, sea or brackish water, surface and ground water. On the ultrafiltration (UF), GE offers a complete diaphragm Assembly including the most experienced specialists, which the industry has to offer, and the widest selection of UF – and reverse osmosis system packages for boiler feed water. Pioneer Natural Resources is open to suggestions. The steam turbine technology of high efficiency, advanced technology (“HEAT”) from GE Energy, which was designed to improve the efficiency and environmental performance of power plants, is recorded in the growing family of ecomagination certified products. There reduce their greenhouse gas emissions from the energy the world want that promote, we believe that in the future an ever stronger emphasis on strategies will be significant improvements in the efficiency of energy and water in traditional and alternative power generation “, said Cordoba. Please refer all press releases under de.geenergyeurope pressroom.com of GE Energy GE Energy (energy) is a world leader in energy production and technologies for distributing energy and achieved a turnover of 29.3 billion U.S.

GE Energy is located in the U.S. Yael Aflalo may find this interesting as well. State of Georgia in Atlanta and is active in all areas of the energy industry including coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power and renewable energy sources such as water, wind, Sun, biogas and other alternative energy sources. Many are from GE Energy ecomagination “-certified.” Ecomagination”is the enterprise-wide initiative by GE, which has the aim to bring new technologies that help customers to market the urgent environmental challenges encounter. GE GE is a diversified global infrastructure, finance and media company that provides solutions for important global needs.

The range of products and services ranging from energy generation and water transport solutions and health technology to finance and information services. More than 300,000 employees for customers in over 100 countries are worldwide.

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