To give non-profit higher education is putting it back locomotive as the mining, agribusiness and infrastructure and steal the State of its obligations and regulation in this area; in which, as in all, Santos outperforms Uribe, complements it how is it when you prime profit if, between 2006 and 2011, right of the private universities in Bogota programs rose plates for the primiparos more than 40%? Is the future if a beneficiary of the ACCeS credit of the Icetex, which cover ten years, paid 3.3 million per each 1 borrowed? All about creating speculation another niche, disguised as innovation, or cynically, rail locomotives.Education will switch from commodity to commodity. Will react as the English University community when Cameron tripled the value of license plates? alvaro Jimenez education is the business all have non-profit, a disguise more than others. The issue is whether there is mood of increasing coverage and the quality. Two examples: La u. To know more about this subject visit Gavin Baker, New York City. Cooperativa de Colombia extended coverage but not quality, u.

de los Andes has quality but this circumscribed to economically privileged sectors. Therefore, the questions are if the University is going to be accessible for children from families with less income and if they will prioritize the quality to improve your business. The role of the Ministry is to define standards that all universities must comply in relation to the quality and coverage, ensuring that the poor have access effectively.If public or private resources to achieve these goals usa is not important, what matters is to achieve the goals of access and quality without prejudice to the constitutional role of the State guarantee education for all Colombians. In terms of gratuity, as in many countries. Ricardo Galan, consultant in strategic communication.It doesn’t matter the color of the cat. Zoila Mama used to say that it doesn’t matter that color is the cat, as long as it catches mice.