If this is true-corrected, and if a lie-Laugh at it. Whenever closets listens, a sympathetic response will follow. If conscious for themselves what is said, "Be thou instructed, if not conscious, left unchecked, better said: be glad and rejoice in the word of the Lord (Matt. 5, 11) (38, 860). Remember that anyone who hears of his libel, not only does not suffer harm, but still receive the greatest reward (39, 269). Progonim slanderer to taking part in someone else's evil, not the cause of death ourselves (39, 723). Does not allow accuser to myself and myself get rid of this unnecessary sin and the sinner holds on the unjust accusations against the neighbor, finally, and slandered saves from prosecution, so way, disdaining services slanderer, he is the organizer of peace and friendship the teacher (39, 723). Never accept slander against his neighbor, but stops accuser, saying: 'Let it go, brother, I sin every day more grave sin, how do we judge others? ". St.

John Chrysostom (45, 965). If someone before you utter to his brother, he despised him and show malice, does not incline against him, to come upon you what you do not want (66, 317). Take care of the honor neighbor, whoever he may be, not allowing him to humble himself in our opinion, when he was reviled, "it will save us from slander. Reverend Abba Isaiah (66, 347). Every accident is worthy of mercy, when mourning their disaster. But if he will slander others and harm them, then lost compassion for his disasters, already acknowledged he is not worthy of pity and hatred, both used the evil scourge of his interference in the affairs of others.