When one completes the basic primary and secondary studies, or so-called Regular basic education, one arises generally what will be our future life: or continue studying to assimilate knowledge and capabilities that allow us to apply later to better jobs and well-paid, with respect to the lower knob. Although many times reality has given us cases of those who have followed directions imposed by parents or relatives of very rigid manner, or continue with a family business tradition, or by the same professions or trades that parents have. As if that was a distinction, when many times implies an access for commitment but no desire or love of the race assumed, forgiveness, imposed. Filed under: kitchens. Is occupation or profession, there are elements that govern the way we think, decide and Act, achievements that have been getting along long, mediating direct or indirect experiences somehow cluster of knowledge, etc. But I would like to dwell a moment on professionals, given that I myself what I am. When we consciously opted to pursue higher education, to opt for a professional degree, we must not only agree to our interests and desires, but that it must also be in common agreement with what the profession demands of professional. Now there is a code of professional ethics, and I think that very few know it, being essential that all those who have obtained a professional degree, know you and apply all the time. Values based itself coming from one person, more even if it has managed to finish higher education, and even more still if having obtained the title of professional recognized by the State and the nation. I believe that who concluded their studies, must carry not only a deeper understanding of the materials that have been professional livelihood; but that is also committed with meet these codes for a better acting, since on the one hand it is representing all other graduates in that profession, is in the city or around the world.