Mobile communications devices have become an essential element and that its usefulness grows without stopping, is an unquestionable fact. Increasingly, the professionals who exercise most of its work through mobile devices, anytime and from anywhere in the world. Be able to design and manage your online shop 24 hours is a reality thanks to the internet and increasingly comprehensive and versatile programs for creation and design of online stores. Now, to be able to manage your online store and do it 24 hours, from anywhere and only relying solely on a mobile device is more than a reality, it is an achievement that extends to customers and users of your online store or website web involving them in its functionality. Already can view the status of orders, purchases, sales reports, box, and all this only installing Magento Mobile application on your iPhone, iPad or Android device (Criacao websites) (Desenvolvimento websites). The interface and design of your online shop you can modify for display in mobile devices easily adapting to the colors and themes that identify your brand. Cabinets often addresses the matter in his writings. Changes that you make to the design are also updated on the devices of your customers that you have downloaded the application.

The application is not free for the Enterprise Edition and its price will depend of many devices installed. Magento Mobile also offers you the possibility to manage your store online from multiple devices at the same time from a single device. To install the application and design your online store to your devices, you will need to download the free add-on from Magento Connect. Once the request is made it takes two or three weeks to have operational online store on mobile devices (web hosting). If you prefer, you can download a preview to see how your store online before you buy the activation code and make sure would that the result conforms to your desires. To activate the final version you will have to pay the corresponding fee and you can already activate your online store on all devices.

The application is compatible only with Community Edition 1.3 or higher, Enterprise Edition1.6 and higher and Professional Edition 1.8 and above. Designing your online store to mobile devices, Magento Mobile available for tutorials quite complete to help you along with the Control Panel menus. Once everything is running, customers and users of your website and your online store can enjoy a new experience at anytime and from anywhere, and their purchases either from your Pc, Smartphone, iPhone or tablet, with only have Internet connection. Design online stores

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