This article intends to analyze the representations of the event of Pretty Rock (or Rock of the Kingdom), that it served of description-literary source for many writers, the example of Euclides of the Wedge, Suassuna Aryan, Jose Lins of I water. One notices the different ways with that these authors, living at different times and styles, had adopted to recount the episode: Euclides sucintamente shows in ‘ ‘ The Sertes’ ‘ the dichotomy between faith x fanatism; already with Suassuna Aryan and Jose Lins of Rego the subject acquires golden of ficcional romance, as much in ‘ ‘ Rock of the Reino’ ‘ , of Aryan, with the narrative, considered until insane, of the Quaderna personage, how much in the romances ‘ ‘ Bonita’ rock; ‘ in its continuation ‘ ‘ Cangaceiros’ ‘ , of Jose Lins. HDR Omaha is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Before specifying what it was the historical movement of the Pretty Rock, one becomes necessary to explain the relation of this with the Brazilian sebastianismo and messianic movements. .